About Us

The B Strong Nonprofit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and was founded after our dear friend and coworker Brandon was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in May of 2021. Brandon fought hard to the very end. He peacefully passed away after only  nine weeks of his diagnosis on July 19th, 2021. Even at the end, he never lost his optimism, sense of humor, and unconditional love for others. B Strong will carry on his legacy in the same manner that he lived his life, undying service to others.

At the young age of 31, our small Andar team was devastated to the core. Brandon was a huge part of our Andar family and was every bit as fun, as he was loyal. He was such a positive influence on all of us and had a contagious laugh that echoed through the warehouse. As head of Operations, Brandon helped shape Andar to be what it is today. He was emotionally committed to the Brand, to the Andar Family, and to the customers that support us. 

Brandon’s sister introduced him to Andar years ago and he quickly realized that this was going to be the career that he would fully commit to. He brought his whole spirit to work which showed in his positive impact on the success of Andar, the bonding of our team, and overall creation of a brand. Brandon was known for being the friend to literally give you the shirt off his back and never complained when things became tough, not even to the extreme, in his case. 

To B Strong is to be like Brandon. Brandon would never let anyone fight alone, so we are going to uphold this mission in his name. The B Strong Foundation will give people going through a similar battle the opportunity to receive support. Whether it is unexpected medical bills, or a dream vacation, B Strong wants to provide assistance.

Donors can deduct contributions they make to B Strong under IRC Section 170. 
Tax ID: 87-3603605